60t Liebherr All-Terrain Crane

For mobile crane hire in Melbourne, the Liebherr 60t All Terrain Crane is the benchmark. Its ability to access even the minutest site and deliver superb results with its long main boom is because it has all wheel drive and rear wheel steer. In difficult positions it leaves truck cranes in its alert.

It has an excellent load chart, and it can lift and rotate pre-cast panels, erect structural steel at great radius, and can complete general crane hire with ease. To go past the 60t All Terrain Mobile Crane, it's hard.

Length: 12.360m

Width: 2.68m

Height: 3.750m

Max tip height: 58m

Telescopic main boom length 42 metres

Wrap around fly: 9.5m to 16m

Counterweight: 0t to 12t

Outrigger base: 6.3m x 7.3m

4 steerable axles